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understanding nuclear weapons #TheASGproject | Nuclear War ...

Understanding Nuclear Weapons [the sources are also linked to in the comments section, for those interested] - Subnormality

Head of the River rescue control of the Soviet Navy, Rear Admiral Photios I…

Head of the River Emergency Administration of the Soviet Navy Rear Admiral Photios Ivanovich Krylov Order diver awards for performing clearance of the river Spree in Berlin. In the background - the Reichstag building.

Paul Hawkins - Monaco - 1965 He is one of only two Formula One drivers, along with Italian Alberto Ascari, to have crashed into the harbour in Monaco during a Grand Prix. He escaped from the crash unhurt. Hawkins struck the wooden barrier at the entry and spun through the straw bales and over the edge of the quay and into the harbour. The Lotus sank to the bottom and the rugged Australian bobbed to the surface and struck out for shore, while boats went to his rescue.

Monaco GP, 1965 🇮🇩 Paul Hawkins crashes the barriers and plunges into Monaco harbor. The only driver with Alberto Ascari two ever do that. Like his Italian predecessor, he bobbed up and survived, while his Lotus sank to the bottom.