carlos Humberto silva

carlos Humberto silva

carlos Humberto silva
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African Body Modification

Love this it's beautiful "Proud Primitives, the Nuba People" by Oskar and Horst Luz @ National Geographic November 1966 // "In the mountains of southern Sudan some 50 groups perpetuate distinctive dialects and customs, including whole- body scarification"

The color  pink is very symbolic in illuminati as well as the mouthpiece.

Luzena Adams Lenses 'Sleeping Beauty' for Faint Magazine March 2013 'Dream Anatomy' Issue - 3 Sensual Fashion Editorials

Resultado de imagem para post apocalyptic clothes

f Rogue Assassin mask urban KH Ibadha. Post-apocalypse fashion /post-apocalyptic clothing / wear / dystopian / cosplay / women's / looks / style /