Fado legend, Amalia Rodrigues.  So my son went through a phase for over a year that when he needed to be soothed and put to sleep he needed to liste to CD's of amalia over and over again.....good to know that our FADO heritage lives inside him through osmosis.....meu rico filho !

Fado legend, Amalia Rodrigues # Lisboa # Lisbonne # Portugal # mimiemontmartre

streets of Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal https://www.airbnb.pt/rooms/804869

Lisboa Ouvir o fado, saborear bacalhau em Alfama é tudo de bom.

National Pantheon, Lisbon, Portugal by Julie Dawn Fox

There's more to Lisbon's National Pantheon than celebrity tombs

Largo das Portas do Sol - LisboN, Portugal

Идеальный отпуск - потругалия. Largo das Portas do Sol, Lisboa - Portugal