"Time flies like an arrow" by Beatrizxe | #ilustração #illustration #artedigital #digitalart #tattoo #tatuagem

"Time flies like an arrow" by Beatrizxe Illustration based in a tattoo style. A compass is pierced by an arrow. I would write it as "Like an arrow, time flies!


back of thigh tatt Indian shaman girl Tattoo Design Tattoo and Body Piercing Gloves owned and operated by tattoo artists (Blind Novility).

totem tattoo - Pesquisa Google

This is a tattoo i designed for a very happy customer Tools: Pencil on white printer paper Totem Pole Tattoo Design

fenix desenhos - Pesquisa Google

Edit: Sorry for the watermark, I& had a bit of an issue with art thieves. Edit: Uploaded a better version A tattoo commission of a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

tattoo designs mulheres nuas - Pesquisa Google

Tongan Tribal Drawings Polynesian tribal design with celtic elements by thehoundofulster

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o braço de desenhos decalque - Pesquisa Google

Here is a shoulder tattoo of "Britannio" which is a play of "Britannia's" name. George vs the dragon/serpent - going on the wearer's chest.