Colorful hanging peppers @ the Farmers Market. -- In the Paradise I won't be allergic to peppers and many other foods. (Jfp notes these are very colorful for the farmers market)


A Variety of Rainbow Peppers.yes with vino , cheese block and some nice sweet dips to accent the flavors (pineado por

Chile peppers

Carole's Chatter: Types of chillies - getting ready for the next Food on Friday!

fun mosaic chili pepper

🌺Fun mosaic chili pepper🌺--add a magnet to the back for your fridge, or as a unique handmade gift for a friend who likes SPICY food!

Chocolate chili peppers

FamilyFun's Treat of the Month

Chocolate Chili Poppers Add some spice to your Cinco de Mayo with these strictly sweet, pepper-shaped candies.