DIY Wire Bow Ring

13 Wonderful DIY Jewelry Crafts

I Spy DIY:DIY [Wire Bow Ring] this turned out to be the cutest thing ever!

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27 Useful Fashionable DIY Ideas

DIY Studded Jeans crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts diy clothes easy diy fun diy craft clothes craft fashion fashion diy diy jeans craft jeans I must try this. probably works on denim jackets or shirts

DIY Wild & Free Daisy Chain Anklet Supplies: + Two necklaces you like, but are ready to take apart, + Jewelry Pliers Deconstruct your necklaces using your jewelry pliers. Take off a piece of one necklace to fit around your ankle & the other one take off a piece that is the length from the center of the anklet to the bottom of your second toe. Be sure to hold on to your jump rings as you will use them later. Now create your anklet.

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