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Gabriel Pontelli

Gabriel Pontelli
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Já imaginou você morando em uma casa dessas?

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Many people on our website, the world's first ever goal market, want to learn how to play the guitar. If you're among this crowd, here's a great graphic displaying common jazz chords! #Goals #Music

Jazz guitar can be referred to as a small genre of mixed music, consisting of swing and blues with improvised chord progressions. The origi.

Neil Peart's Time Machine Kit

This is a big drum kit in front of an empty venue. This would be used for a live music magazine, and would work as a background on a double page spread.

Translation i'm the shit, least that's what my neck say

“Call me Hov or Jefe/ Translation: I’m the shit/ Least that what my neck say…” jayz

Private House in Johannesburg _

Paradise Found Hyde Park Mansion, Johannesburg, South Africa by Summersun Property Group Architects. The tropical and the modern are unique together.