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+ i wish this had more doversity in bod n race but thats ok this is good for rn! better be happening tho.

That's because only MEN are considered human by some.

And cue the double standards. Men are seen as humans, while women are seen as a diseased, lesser version of humans/men. We have sex drives!

“@lucklessmatt on Instagram!”

fr tho it's ok to have preferences, just don't shame people for not being that way<<True that. I'd change it to "if you treat girls with stretch marks like garbage" or something like that

so don't worry if your stomach rolls when you sit down, because even a girl as fit as the one in the picture has them! you're beautiful and i love you all >>>AGREED! You are all beautiful

For everyone bashing Lady Gaga's one roll from the halftime performance! She was fantastic, I'd like to see all of you jump off the stadium and dance/sing around in tight shorts and high heeled boots for 15 minutes straight with no break.

The Breakfast Club

"If you haven't, you're a prude. If you have, you're a slut. It's a trap." - The Breakfast Club on society's Madonna/Whore complex.<<<<If you haven't seen The Breakfast Club I highly recommend it