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Brows-Dipbrow in chocolate Eyes-Eyeshadow in Day Rate, Fawn, Soft Gold and Beauty Mark False eyelashes-Femme Fatale Contact lenses-Dazzler eyes's in blue

Impossível dar aquela piscada sensual com o olho todo gongado né? Se joga, que aqui o babado é certo!

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Pincéis de maquiagem e suas funções

Pincéis para maquiagem e suas funções

When putting together your make up collection, it's easy to lose yourself in a world of sparkling lip glosses and shimmering eyeshadows - and completely forget the essentials of any home make up kit.

eye liner

WARNING! Tumblr posts within. Reading required.

Chech out the cat eyeliner on these eyes! Make your cat eyeliner even more fabulous with a pair of from Minkilashes. No matter your eye shape, be it cat eyeliner can work for you!

Coleção de pincéis pra já!

Eye Makeup tips for beginners . Would you have been able to match the right tool/brush to the right face area?

maquiagem olhos encapsulados

Inspiração: Franjas

Blend purple and gold shadow to get a perfect look for your brown eyes.

Blend purple and gold shadow to get a perfect look for those with brown eyes! Finish off with Gemoro gold or amethyst jewellery, naturally!

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