Book Binding.  So smart!

Bind books with a hole punch, rubber band, and paper clip. Idk when I will be binding books but a handy idea

book binding

Well, this summer I'm making myself a new journal! :) (DIY book binding tutorial - JamesDarrow on Deviantart)

Basic sewing for a booklet: bookbinding instructions

Independent Bookbinding #2

Basic Sewing for a Booklet: Bookbinding Instructions / Merge Leon. Because I'm too lazy to find my notes from my college bookmaking class.

DIY Patterned Notebook with @Scott Doorley Buxman Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

I would never be crafty enough to do this myself, but I find the more notebooks I have laying around, the more I capture my ideas. Pen and paper inspire me! DIY Patterned Notebook with Doorley Doorley Buxman Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

Book-binding... I can see that this might be addicting.

Book-binding: Makes Me Miss Suturing

Bookbinding Tutorial - Make your own books for journals, drawing, or whatever!

Bookbingding Tutorial

spells-and-sorcery: “ Simple book binding tutorial, very useful for making your own personalize Book of Shadows ”

make your own designs too

Weirdly Flat Nutella Cookies

Cute diy Gift: Personalize a set of inexpensive moleskine cardboard books as a special gift! Add some fabulous pens for grownups or colorful markers for kids! Of course, I could always do one myself.

Easy DIY Fabric Scrapbook Journal

HOWTO // Create your own DIY Fabric Scrapbook Journal - Easy and simple to make

DIY: Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box

Cómo hacer una encuadernación paso a paso

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