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Dan Mountford: Exposições Duplas e Design Gráfico via @pristinaorg

Still-water-Extra-dry-sake-yeast-475ml-can.jpg (1124×1498)

Still-water-Extra-dry-sake-yeast-475ml-can.jpg (1124×1498)


This design shows space and depth because of the overlapping circles and the slight bit of transparency, when the circles overlap you can see the faint line of the circles overlapping.

Ass Savers / Fendor Bendor / Foldable Mudguard / 2016

Ass Savers, makers of the small, cheap and hugely popular mudguard that clips onto the bottom of a saddle, has added the new Fendor Bendor foldable mudguard to its range. There’s also the new Mudder, designed for mountain bikes.

ARC project page mobile by Anton Skvortsov

ARC project page mobile

via Muzli design inspiration. “UI Interactions of the week is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

Resultado de imagem para light blue packaging minimal design

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Fashion Details Page

Fashion Details Page

Also did a quick after effects animation test that lead me down a dark rabbit role I should never have tumbled in. If anyo.




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