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"Nothing happens until something moves" tattoo on the left inner forearm PLACEMENT

Turn six brand new wood crates into a simple, yet, sturdy coffee table in no time. Give the entire display a distressed finish by lightly dipping a paintbrush into semigloss paint, brushing off excess, and brushing over the entire piece; let dry.

Creative Things to Do with Wood Crates

FOR THE PLAYROOM It's time to think out of the box! Amp up the storage in your home with new and creative ways to use (and reuse) wood crates. Whether you're making a DIY coffee table or a homemade wine station, our wood crate ideas are perfe

DIY mirrors, but everything about this is so good.

Triangular Mirror - Barn Wood Frame The origina Troika mirror offers a unique juxtaposition between reclaimed barn wood and a modern triangle shaped

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