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Black and white wave patterned traditional mosaic sidewalk in Lajes, a former Azorean whaling village - Museu dos Baleeiros - Pico - Portugal

Calçada portuguesa

Calçada Portuguesa

Símbolos e Significados das Mandalas Celtas – Parte 1

Mandala backyard patio project Custom designed patio for a sunny spot in the garden. Patio is 11 feet in diameter, large enough for a table and 6 chairs. Photo by Marianne Kaplan of Pebble and Co.

Museu arte nova e casa de chá - Aveiro - Portugal

Portugal, Aveiro 4 Musée de l’Art Deco (Casa de Cha, connected to Art Nouveau…

Calçada Portuguesa

Sidewalk in Coimbra Portuguese pavement. a bit from Salazar dictatorship times