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I love the triangle visual, notice as husband and wife move closer to God they naturally become closer to one another;) Lds Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Temple Quotes Lds, Mormon Quotes, Motivational, Happy Quotes, Quotable Quotes, Jesus Quotes, One & Only

I've used this concept for marriage building for years! The idea that husband and wife need to move closer to God at the same rate so their marriage has a stable base. The closer the husband and wife are to God, the closer they are to each other!

"The ultimate purpose of marriage is not to make us happy, but to glorify God."  Nancy Leigh DeMoss Best Friend Marriage Quotes, Marriage Thoughts, Marriage Tips, Quotes Marriage, Online Marriage, Happy Marriage, Successful Marriage, Christian Marriage Quotes, Christian Love Quotes

"The ultimate purpose of marriage is not to make us happy, but to glorify God." Nancy Leigh DeMoss -But when we glorify God in our marriage, he will bless it.

Obama vs. Romney -- The choice is clear.  Download & print this candidate comparison chart and share with friends. Catholic News, Catholic Theology, True Faith, How To Know, Virgin Mary, Choices, Presidential Election, Good Things, Political Views

3 days until election! Print this candidate comparison chart and share with all your Catholic friends!

Sadness and jobless and at home with parents. 50% of Americans in their 20s live with mom and dad and are without jobs. Paul Ryan, Obama Poster, Poster Ads, Obama Failures, 2012 Election, Big Government, 90s Kids, Presidents, Great Quotes

College graduates should not have to live out their in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life.

Great quote for the feast day of St. Augustine! Catholic Quotes, Religious Sayings, Walk By Faith, Catholic Saints, Catholic Doctrine, Roman Catholic, Catholic Bible, Christianity, Santos

"If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it's not the gospel you believe, but yourself." --Saint Augustine ~ The same can be said for Catholic doctrine--it's not a buffet.