Beatriz Conchinhas

Beatriz Conchinhas

Beatriz Conchinhas
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Affirm what you desire, say thank you for what already is, and the universe will do what it needs to do in order to create your desire . be positive . has many great tips on reducing tension and anxiety


Louise Jones for Rebel Walls - Tropical 3 - Stag Horns, ferns, climbing vines and delicate flowers all entwined to create this heavily foliaged tropical pattern. Digitally illustrated using original photography.


I am grateful for the family I have, the friends I have attracted, the love I have in my life and the life I love. I am grateful for amazing opportunities and world travel.


Positive Word of the Year: Hustle. I will increase my hustle this year in order for me to work smarter and healthier. Telling myself to hustle will help me to be more productive and to be less dependent on others.