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Who Were You In Your Past Life According To Your Personality?

Want to know who you were in a past life? Take this past life quiz. Based on your personality, this non-scientific quiz can tell you who you might have been before this life.

Space Explorer: You’re adventurous and brave, so it makes perfect sense that in your next life you’ll travel to the depths of space in the name of Planet Earth. What will you find? Probably a lot of creepy stuff. Good thing you’re brave.

Social Activist You’re empathetic and thoughtful. In the future you’ll stand up for the equal rights of all humans, aliens, and human-alien hybrids. But probably not robot-human-alien hybrids because those guys are total jerks.

How Old Are You Actually? You checked off 49 out of 75 items on the Age List! You’re 37 and just peaking! Life hasn’t just given you lemons, but a whole fruit stand, and you’ve made the most of it. Enjoy your accomplishments, but keep on working hard! **** Not too shabby since I'm almost 36. Pretty damn close.

You checked off 30 out of 75 items on the Age List! You’re a badass 18 year old. Keep up your enthusiasm and be open to trying new things.