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Ileana Hunter - Portrait Artist This is a cool portrait because the outline of the face isn't there but it still seems like it is because of all the other shading. The eyes were done with a lot of detail to make it look like it is bright and shining.The only part of the nose you can see are the nostrils but even then it doesn't look irregular. That is what I like about the portrait, there is a lot of white space but the white space means a lot in it.

"A Gold and Onyx Earring," original portrait painting by artist John Markese (US) available at Saatchi Art. African American Art, African Art, Art Perle, Natural Hair Art, Portrait Art, Portraits, Oeuvre D'art, Figurative Art, Love Art

John Markese - Portrait Artist I like this portrait because of its vibrant use of colours. The highlights and shadows are very visible and there is a high contrast of colours. The main focus of the portrait is not completely the person, but the shiny golden earring which I think is quite unique for a portrait subject.

"Portrait of Reagan" by Rachel Ramm A Level Art, Pretty Cool, Fine Art, Inspiring Art, Black And White, Portrait, Rugby, Artist, Painting

Rachel Ramm - Portrait Artist I like this portrait because the person is not in an ordinary position; he is holding out a rugby ball. It also seems like the person is holding out the ball towards you which is pretty cool. Finally, I like how the whole portrait was painted in black and white, except for the rugby ball.

Colored Pencil Portrait - Pencil Portrait - Custom Portrait via Etsy Colored Pencil Portrait, Colored Pencil Artwork, Color Pencil Art, Coloured Pencils, Pencil Sketch Drawing, Pencil Drawings, Art Drawings, Amazing Drawings, Realistic Drawings

Peg Lozier - Portrait Artist I like the portrait of this young boy because the warm colours and the bright light falling on his face work well together in my opinion. I also like the fact that the whole portrait was done by colour pencil which gives a different kind of texture.

A deeply creased, time-worn face peeks into the light from a gingham bonnet in the transparency of water color. Congressman looks down on a congressional me Light And Shadow, Contrast, Smooth, Colours, Texture, Natural, Big, Board, Artist

Sam McKinney - Portrait Artist I included this on my pin-board because I like rich colours of the portrait. There is a big contrast between the light and shadow which gives it a deeper effect and the texture of the table and everything was done very well; the table looks fairly rough while the book and shirt looks smooth. Lastly, I like the natural and relaxed position of the subject.

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Marianthi Doukakis-Haertel - Portrait Artist I like this portrait because it was done very neatly and I think the shading was done carefully. I like the shade in the background to give the effect to the white shirt. And finally, I think the absence of colour makes the portrait look simple and smooth.