O conhecimento nos leva a lugares mágicos...

Could put my boys names on the books! The Reader's Path by Jeremiah Morelli ~ Path to a magical place ♥

bookshelves, bookshelves and more bookshelves!

I love the smell of bookstores and libraries. They always smell a little sweet yet musty because of all of the ink and paper that are on their shelves, waiting to be opened and read again and again.

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Read Trilogia Divergente from the story Recomendaciones Para Leer by Raqe_bri (Raquel Briceño) with 24 reads.

I have arrived in heaven and it’s snowing outside... - Reading is a journey...

ursula-uriarte: “I have arrived in heaven and it’s snowing outside and I couldn’t be happier! If you are ever in NYC make sure to stop by Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe because it’s magnificent and I never wanna leave ” 

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I libri fanno volare i nostri sogni!!!

( 25 Stunning Surreal Illustrations and Creative Photo Manipulation by Igor Morski ) man flying riding an vintage old fashion flying book machine