Corvo Island, Azores

Corvo is an isolated, sparsely populated and intriguing place. Named for a crow, it was the last of the archipelago to be settled. The island seems to swirl around a huge crater, some 500 feet deep. Corvo is home to just a few hundred people – all living in the seaside village of Vila Nova do Campo. There are no other towns. Corvo is mostly open hinterland (inviting for solitary hikes, and being at one with the sky and sea).
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Corvo island, Açores

Foto Caldeirão (Ilha do Corvo). Fotografia tirada por José Maria de Aguiar Carreiro inserida na categoria paisagem-natural

Caldeirão do Corvo, Açores

Volcano crater with sun star at Caldeirão do Corvo, Corvo Island, the Azores archipelago, Portugal, 2012