A Vida no Paraíso

A Vida no Paraíso

storyteller blogger, designer e editora, apaixonada pela fotografia, a escrita e a culinária nos tempos livres. Mãe a tempo inteiro.
A Vida no Paraíso
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Whoever did this little menagerie of kitten paws must be connected to my soul. I love paws. I love them. <<< kitten paws are good fur the soul

so precious

I'm going to go with one of Ali Lea's suggestions. Tonight and Friday, let's do BEDTIME STORIES (or Story Hour) . any image having to do with reading books to children or children's books.


Emma ♥ outstanding photo of dark tabby cat against white background standing on white magazines on white chair with back to us, perfect shot.


Love Cool how them together makes a shape of a Heart. These kitties are so cute, & how the form a heart in the picture is just. I LOVE this pic!