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The World's Most Gorgeous Glass Restaurants

These dazzling, translucent spaces—from Los Angeles to Vienna—offer diners a setting so spectacular, it’s worth the trip

Epiphillum (cacto espinha), plantas epifitas da família das Cactáceas

My Selenicereus has flowered lots! (from cutting 3 years ago. last year it had just 2 flowers) They open just before sunset and later have a very strong perfume.

White P, Marbles, Weaving, Trainers, Ash, Chic, Grey, Shops, Closure Weave, Tennis Sneakers, Mindful Gray, Shabby Chic, Mindful Gray, Tents, Gray, Breien, Sneakers, Loom, Marble, Sweat Pants, Sculptures, Coaches

Gabriel Faure's Requiem Op. 48 Complete (Best Recording)

Gabriel Fauré - Requiem, Op 48 in Dm (o: Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, c: Robert Shaw). Fifty shades of Grey Christian and Ana in the Red Room of .