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Vasco da Gama,  Portuguese Vasco da Gama, 1er conde da Vidigueira   (born c. 1460, Sines, Port.—died Dec. 24, 1524, Cochin, India), Portuguese navigator whose voyages to India (1497–99, 1502–03, 1524) opened up the sea route from western Europe to the East by way of the Cape of Good Hope.#  Portrait of Vasco da Gama by Antonio Manuel da Fonseca.

Vasco de Gama, Portuguese explorer found way to circumvent silk road trade by circumnavigating africa.

Francken Frans II. Allegory of Chance

Allegory of Chance Author: Francken, Frans II Country: Flanders Collection: European Art Date: 1627 Technique: oil on canvas

The Annunciation by Martino-di-Bartolomeo-di-Biago. Fitzwilliam Museum

The Annunciation by Martino-di-Bartolomeo-di-Biago.

The Virgin and Child -   Master of the Female Half-Lengths

“ The Master of the Female Half-Lengths*, active was a Dutch* Northern Renaissance painter* or likely a group of painters of a workshop. Madonna and Child ”

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