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At Arfai & IGM, the development of new products is part of the daily routine of our creative team - colours, their combinations and senses are a source of inspiration in this process.
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✶ Moscow, RUSSIA ✶

- Beautiful Back Yard idea for door entrance - Crazy! Moscow, Russia bright flower pot rainbow decoration garden Its so beautiful ♡

Palm wallpaper

Botany wallpaper stunning and bold perfect for the very popular jungle trend. More Muuto Products like the Muuto Nerd Chair on www.

Dahlias. #ColorStory

SYMBOLISM NATURE SYMBOLS-FLOWERS DAHLIA Dahlia’s are spicy flowers, and their meanings range from a sign of warning, to change, to travel, to even a portent of betrayal.

I need these colors! Hand dyed silk ribbons. The FOREST collection - sage, fern and moss!

Forest Collection of Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons (Set of 3

Burning Red Forest

RED TRAVEL: Burning Red Forest - Roskilde, Denmark would be a perfect hallway full length picture/painting with black doors.

Egg shell art - Art by Anca Gray. "hundreds of egg shells, broken down just so, into thousands of pieces, painted delicately with layers of acrylic paint, fitted together like a giant puzzle for which i lacked the solution.

Alex Nero | Featured Art Takes Paris Entrant Nero photographs paint inside of a water tank to achieve this crazy effect.

artistswanted: Alex Nero