fiatgirlaotw 20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads

20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads

fiatgirlaotw 20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads This is so creative.If you see the letter, texting, you won't see the girl.

"Smile", Colgate Ad by Jung Von Matt

Colgate Toothpaste: "SMILE" Outdoor Advert by Jung Von Matt Germany. It's simply done and it's obvious that it represents a gleaming white smile which is what Colgate is all about.


DOESNT APPEAL TO ME 2 Tabasco graphic. The sauce looks like an extinguisher to showcase how hot the sauce is.

20 brilliant examples of billboard advertising

40 traffic-stopping examples of billboard advertising

Apple’s ad campaigns are always at the leading edge of inspirational marketing design, such as this billboard for iPod and iTunes.

Hard Rock Cafe I work at the coolest place on the planet, be jealous!!!!!

In this Hard Rock Cafe ad, the design has combined a fork - standard eating tool - with a hand symbol that is common at rock concerts. The visual language in this image is the hard rock edge for this dining experience.

30 Brilliant Anti Smoking Advertisements for your inspiration - Best Print Ads and Posters. Follow us

30 Brilliant Anti Smoking Advertisements for your inspiration - Best Posters and Campaigns

This picture is depicting that cigarettes kill. Gun symbolizes the killing Cigarettes are the bullets with the gun. Moral is don't smoke it kills.


71 Brilliant, Clever and Inspirational Ads That Will Change The Way You Think – Design School medicine, aspirine,


I like how simple this advertisement is and I like how the designer chose a white background because it draws your eyes straight to the orange and then down to the glass of orange juice.

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We love this eye catching design. You can't go wrong with tea and fine china - Royal Copenhagen by Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj

Tabasco - Assignment by sylv13 on deviantART

20 Creative Tabasco Ads that you need to see. Check out our favorite Tabasco ads at Ateriet - A Food Culture Website, visit for more great food content.