I still ship KristAnna. But the last thing I need is Hans feels caused by a *fan theory*. Though I do like Hans.

"She was off-camera, but she sat next to him and read her letter to him during this scene, quietly, so it would be real. My heart just broke into a million pieces."

When Matt Smith read the script for when Amy and Rory left the show. She was off-camera, but she sat next to him and read her letter to him during this scene, quietly, so it would be real. *all the feels* *sob*

Matthew and Mary :)

"I would never be happy with anyone else as long as you walked the earth" best quote ever. And know he doesn't walk the Earth. It makes this quote that much more beautiful.

Kaylee from Firefly as Amy Pond on Supernatural. And Mark Sheppard has been in all three! Yes yes yes yes

I THOUGHT SO! Granted, I wasn't a Whovian the last time I saw that episode, but I knew the name Amy Pond was related to Doctor Who. [Kaylee from Firefly as girl on Supernatural with Doctor Who alias.

HAHAHAHA!!!  Browncoats unite!

curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! firefly - doctor who crossover. I never knew I wanted this

Remember that time the main character used a sharpie to prove that he was the main character?

The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

Emperor's New Groove. Definitely my one of my favorite non-princess Disney movie. It never fails to make me laugh xD

That face

& you come to see the caged animal, my dear?& This scene broke my heart. At first Loki put on the facade of his strength but then revealed his true state of grief and sorrow for someone he truly loved. Trying not to spoil it for you. I Loki!

Zachary Levi ....love his shirt! It's so awesome (haha, Captain Awesome) that he's a Christian!

Zachary Levi (Flynn Ryder, Thor character who's name I can't remember) .love his shirt! It's so awesome that he's a Christian!

Adorable wedding photo inspiration from The Princess Diaries 2.

Toss-Back Tuesday: Royal Wedding Inspiration

Anne Hathaway & Chris Pine, The Princess diaries Royal engagement, 2004 this will make a cute engagement picture

If Disney Princesses had Instagram...dishonor on your cow

Pokes fun at social media and Disney with Mean Girls references - you'll laugh, too.

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