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This is a nice-looking living room with smaller rug. Perhaps the key is to frame the rug with sofas / sofa and armchair combo / sofa and the window. And another trick is to fill up the room so the size doesn't look awkward.

Apartamento tem salas de jantar e estar em varanda de 32 m² - Terra Brasil

Apartamento tem salas de jantar e estar em varanda de 32 m²

Airy And Bright Modern Apartment In Brazil | DigsDigs

LOVE the floor-to-ceiling shelves! Probably infeasible in a rental, but I like the floor-to-ceiling idea in general

Piano in book case... or book case around the piano.. with toys included.

I'm in need of a multi purpose space - music room, kids games room and second lounge/TV room all-in-one! Loving the idea of building shelving around the piano. I reckon that a TV could also be incorporated above the piano.

9 - Tomadas Muita gente não sabe, mas existe um padrão para a altura de interruptores e tomadas. Segundo o arquiteto Gustavo Calazans, o interruptor deve ser instalado a 1,10 m de altura, e a tomada, a 30 cm do chão. E não se esqueça de alinhá-los: tomada logo abaixo do interruptor, no mesmo eixo.

30 dicas de decoração e reforma que valem ouro

Balconies are always minimal, but I thought it can be a compact super functional if it integrated to the room!

Florencia Carlés

Mix and match vibrant colors, orange and yellow curtains drapery in same room; drape idea for funky boho cottage style home decor;