Porto -"Praça da Ribeira"

Travel Inspiration for Portugal - Easy living by the Douro River Oporto (Porto), Portugal


Triumph Arch and Terreiro do Paço Square, just in front of the Tagus River, Lisbon downtown, Portugal.

Dom Pedro VI statue - Avenida dos Aliados - #Porto #Portugal

Detail of the Dom Pedro statue at the Aliados avenue in Oporto city - Detalhe…

Barrels of wine in a Rabelo boat. Douro river, Oporto, Portugal.

Barrels of wine in a Rabelo boat, Douro river, Oporto,

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal - Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, after Lisbon, and is an important Atlantic port.

Wee little pink house in Porto, Portugal.

[How cute this is, nestled between all those taller and higher buildings.] Little Pink House in Porto pink, Portugal. **The most beautiful place in the world - because your eyes have held onto the beauty of this place and shared it with me.