Para ela o oceano é mais do que um sonho,  é um lugar ela precisa visitar para se encontrar.  E quando ela volta  para a cidade, tu podes ver o sol nos seus olhos, o vento no seu cabelo, e provar o infinito sal nos seus lábios.

for her the ocean was more than a dream, it was a place she needed to visit to find herself. and when she returned to the city, you could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair, and the taste of the infinite salt on her lips. This is so true.

Um milhão de coisinhas pra mim e pra você.

if the happiness is only on the little things Then I wish you a world full of little things

Essays about friendship Friendship is simply a divine relationship based on feelings and understanding. It’s not ordinary social or official affair between people but a divine feelings and.

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