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Eat more vegetables. Drink more water and green tea. Workout 30 - 45 minutes 3 times a week and Think positive.You will feel powerful, confident and look totally HOT.We only have one life.

If thats not motivation, i dont know what is! Excellent exercises on her website too!

Weight loss transformations can help motivate you on your fitness journey, help inspire you to lose weight and keep on track with your diet. Here are 60 of the best before and after weight loss transformation pictures ever.

30-Day Abs Challenge

30-Day Abs Challenge

Flat abs are made in the gym — AND the kitchen. Use our 30 day ab challenge and eating strategies to get a flatter stomach in 30 days!

Stretching: How to Stretch the Hamstrings #exercising #fitness

Top 5 hamstring stretch to prevent injury during workouts. You may also want to do this stretch sitting down as passive stretching is more effective than active stretching as in this diagram of an active hamstring stretch.

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Push Your mind to push your body harder!!

Health and Fitness Quotes, Sayings and Images for motivation. These motivational Fitness and Exercise Quotes will motivate you to work out and fitness!

Paige Hathaway

She is my fitspiration. My goal is to get to this level of fitness this next year! Meet Paige Hathaway: The Fitness Model Talks Weight Lifting, Cheese Pizza, and What It's Like to Be Internet Famous