Elizabeth Shippen Green The Library 1905 viaplumleavesflickr

The Library Elizabeth Shippen Green (American, First published in “The Mistress of the House” in Harper’s Monthly, August The original watercolour illustration is now owned by the Delaware Art Museum.

Gudon... : Foto

One day I want a cozy book book or a little comfortable couch by a fire place. and all I'll do there is were cozy sweaters and socks and read with some tea or hot cocoa in my hand

illustrator - Nicole Wong Pinzellades al món: Dones, gats i llibres / Mujeres, gatos y libros / Women, cats and books

Splashes in the World: Women, cats and books / Mujeres y gatos libros / Women…



"A Quiet Read" Wm. Kay Blacklock

Lovely reading nook - William Kay Blacklock British Painter ~ "A Quiet Read"