#PortWine Grape harvest along the Douro river, near Covelinhas. Alto Douro, #Portugal | UNESCO World Heritage Site

Port Wine Grape harvest along the Douro river, near Covelinhas. Alto Douro - Portugal UNESCO World Heritage Site

Douro Superior, Castelo Melhor,Vila Nova de Foz Côa

Castelo Melhor, Douro, Portugal, surrounded by terraced vineyards and the Douro River.

The Douro Valley in #Portugal

Porto in Portugal is the birth place of Port wine, one of the world's great classic wines. Read more about Port wine.

Douro Valley Wine Adventures - via Wine Tourist Magazine 01.02.2016 | The Douro Valley is the oldest denominated wine region in the world. Some, myself included, argue that it is also the most beautiful. This introduction to the Douro Valley is intended as a guide to the best wine experiences in the Valley, which is one of Europe’s must-visit wine regions. #Portugal Photo: Quinta do Popa

Douro Valley Wine Adventures

casa das Torres de Oliveira, Douro

Casa das Torres de Oliveira is a traditional baroque style manor house with breathtaking views over the Douro Valley.


Terraced vineyards of the Douro valley wine region in northern Portugal.