Mértola, Alentejo

The historical village of Mértola, overlooking the Guadiana river. Guadiana Valley Natural Park, Alentejo, Portugal, via Cila Rato De Andrade De Koning

“Who is going to be the youngest to ride a bike then? 9 months is the record so far.

Decore com Gigi: Vamos viajar? - MARROCOS...

Vamos viajar? - MARROCOS...

Regilla ⚜ Una Fiorentina in California

floral wear bling bling sunglasses Details from Dolce & Gabbana Spring Milan Fashion Week. Details from Dolce & Gabbana Spring Milan Fashion Week.

Águeda ❤❤❤ é assim que fica no verão, com o Agitágueda ❤

anasaltukhaifi: Umbrellas Street, Portugal. (Pink Paper Peonies)

Umbrellas Street, From July to September hundreds of colorful umbrellas float above the shopping promenades of Agueda, Portugal as part of the local Agueda Art Festival.

Celorico da Beira Serra da Estrela Portugal

The balancing rock Celorico da Beira, Serra da Estrela, Portugal - interesting rectangular holes in foreground had some purpose unknown to us today


Marvo, Alentejo, Portugal - Isabel Alfacinha Photography - Thanks to King Sancho II, the first official charter was awarded to the town of Marvao in the century