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9 Simple Morning Rituals to Boost Your Metabolism

9 Simple Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Metabolism! Start off your morning with these 9 rituals and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your metabolism and keeping it revved up all day long.

Estar no aqui e no agora. A única coisa que temos é o momento presente

be present

This is such a profound concept to me. I had been coasting for years. I was here physically, but vacant in every other sense: emotionally numb, spiritually broken and just generally disinterested. Upon finding legitimate love and becoming a mother,

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How to make a perfect macrobiotic bowl

How to make a perfect macrobiotic bowl. Learn the nutritional philosophy behind them, and how to whip one up at home.

Escovagem corporal a seco

The Benefits of Dry Brushing + How to Get Started

Praticar surya namaskar todas as manhãs após acordar

Crystal-clear Sun Salutation video teaches how to do Surya Namaskar, and breaks down the sun salutation poses. Is surya namaskar the perfect yoga flow?

Beber smoothies ao pequeno-almoço

Porque deves beber um batido verde logo pela manhã - Miss Kale