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My dream dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Sadly this breed is very short-lived compared to breeds of similar size. Bernese Mountain Dogs have a median longevity of years, where most other breeds of similar size have median longevities of 10 to 11 years.

Like baby, like dog! This pic reminds me off my Grand-Dog & Grand-Daughter. He(Kito) loves her so much, they do funny things like this all the time!

Cat bed - cat cave - cat house - eco-friendly handmade felted wool cat bed - green with natural white - made to order, Etsy

"Cookies" canvas giclee print by Lindsey Bittner Graham giclee on canvas ~ 10 x those little cavies love their treats!

A Guide To Pet-proofing Your Home

♥ Cat Care Tips ♥ Ready to adopt a furry friend? This infographic has great tips for pet-proofing your home before your new dog or cat joins the family!