Schnauzer Tea Towel. Super Schnauzer tea towel. Screen-printed

Schnauzer Tea Towel. Super Schnauzer tea towel. Screen-printed

This still life illustration is very basic yet specifically details the object enough for us to understand the texture of the subject.  The use of line is what engaged me in this, they're a combination of bold lines, fine lines and detailed lines that come together to form the subject's shape, form, some tone and once again that brief aspect of texture where it is due.

I am considering wether to sketch. Perhaps as final image made up of simple yet beautiful sketches.


Different trees. You can never have enough drawings of trees. LW trees, trees, & more trees

Golden Age Illustrator: Kay Nielsen - 50 Watts

Red Magic: A Collection of the World's Best Fairy Tales from All Countries Illustrator Kay Nielsen, 1930

linocut print Four Fish fish blue and white gift by linocutheaven

Fun, contemporary handprinted art for your wall. collecting handmade prints is one of the fantastic ways to grow an original art collection and

Victo Ngai is a brilliant illustrator from Hong Kong, now based in New York. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design majoring in illustration. She worked for well-known brand such as McDonalds, Adidas or The New York Times. Discover more works on her portfolio, her Behance or her Facebook page.

The original illustrations of Victo Ngai

‘Utopia’ by Victor Ngai. - This image shows a common reaction to the idea of Utopia, mistrust. Apparently the thought of Utopia is too good to be true: there is no such thing as a free lunch, apparently.

In a small town, there lives a lady astronomer. Every evening she looks at the moon through her telescope. She knows it like the back of her own hand. Even in her sleep, she can name all the mountains, the craters and the oceans of the silvery globe.

Wine Corks Illustration

Wine Corks

I'm working on a set of six celebration-themed letterpress greeting cards.