Exterior, Portugal

Janelas da Igreja da Ordem do Carmo (Windows of the Church of the Order of the Carmo, Porto, Portugal


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Different Portuguese costumes from different regions of Portugal.

diferent portuguese costumes from diferent regions of Portugal.

Portuguese Rabanadas:  I didn't know it's a traditional Portuguese food! In my country, it is commonly called "Bombay Toast"! :)

Portuguese Rabanadas

Rabanadas, a Portuguese version of French toast, are typically served on Christmas day but we think this delicious breakfast is too good to wait for! This rabanadas recipe from Awaken Your Senses is spiced up with cinnamon, orange and ruby Port.

Choco frito, Setúbal

Deep-Fried Cuttlefish Since Setubal is a vital fishing hub, the best seafood cuisines are served by almost all the restaurants of the region. Chocos Fritos, which is fried cuttlefish, is currently topping the charts. recipe / receita on the link