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This baby calf is going to be someone’s veal dinner. Taken from their mother very soon after birth. They are chained so they can’t eat and move. They soon become anemic and then they are slaughtered. The meat taste better that way they say!!! So very sad this happens.

Young veal calf stolen from grieving mother at birth. Awaiting slaughter and will soon be a pale piece of flesh on a dinner plate. A mere by-product of the rotten dairy industry.

Beba Isto Antes de ir Dormir e Queime a quGordura da Barriga #emagrecer #adelgazar #saúde #salud #health #dicas

Beba Isto Antes de ir Dormir e Queime a quGordura da Barriga #emagrecer #adelgazar #saúde #salud #health #dicas

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