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You'll love my Weekly Meal Prep Routine complete with all my favorite go-to healthy recipes and tons of tips to help get you started!

It’s no secret that I love my Sunday meal prep! It really is the number one way I’m able to stay on track with my eating and it also just starts my week off with a healthy, fresh mind set.

7 recetas de espagueti con las que enamorarás a cualquiera

Homemade Creamy Four Cheese Garlic Spaghetti Sauce is the best white cheese Italian pasta sauce youâ? Use gluten free brown rice spaghetti pasta(Spaghetti Recipes Sauce)

Mudras são gestos que nos permitem sintonizar com frequências específicas de energia do Universo. Segundo Yoga e Ayurveda, a saúde plena é o resultado dessa sintonia em que o ser individual, o microcosmo, sincroniza-se com o Universo, o macrocosmo.

“When reflex points of the fingertip are pressed, these healing substances are released and one can rebalance any diseased area of the body.” ~ The Healing Art of Mudras, Deborah Nasca Mudras are hand gestures or simple formations of the fingers and hand

forearm tattoo

Get the sun mandala on the shoulder. Get the snowflake mandala on forearm, add future kids and spouse flowers as filler later to complete sleeve. ++spiritual sun and fairbanks home produce and connect with future family=sleeve concept

Daniel Martin Diaz - L'âme de la science.

Daniel Martin Diaz is raising funds for Soul Of Science - Art Book on Kickstarter! art book that explores the mystery of science, nature, anatomy, consciousness, and the power of symbols by Daniel Martin Diaz.

Would be a great tattoo to represent infertility struggles(lotus) and how it's attached to the heart.

Lotus flower with heart vein roots; don't like this pic at all but I like the idea. You know the 'root' system is shaped like a human heart with the arteries that cover it--this flower blooms from the heart--interesting.