The USBCELL AA Rechargable Battery are just like any standard NiMH 1.2V 1300 mAh rechargeable AA battery. However, the tops of the battery can be removed to reveal a USB connector. Plug the battery into any USB charging port and it charges fully within 5 hours.

USBCELL AA Rechargable Battery

The USBCell AA rechargeable batteries plug into any USB port on your laptop, home PC, or even through a cord, and recharge the batteries to within 5 hours. The batteries can be recharged hundreds .



How To Set Up A Home Network In 5 Simple Steps

How to Set Up and Optimize Your Wireless Router

Networking a new tech toy has become the modern equivalent of the dreaded "some assembly required." But setting up a secure, robust network isn't hard& you know what you're doing.

Llegó el teclado lavable  ____________________________  He washable keyboard

Llegó el teclado lavable ____________________________ He washable keyboard

CableKeeps o lo que es lo mismo, un apartito para recoger el cable del cargador cuando esté desenchufado / #tecnologia #gadgets #cablekeeps

Nibbles CableKeep for iPad secures your USB docking cable to Apple™ power adaptors so cable & charger stay together.

La Tecnologia Nos Esta Haciendo

Evolution of Rock Concert Audience. Reminds me of you since you go to concerts all the time . Funny how it changes over the years, ayyye?

Waterproof paper (photo courtesy of IIT)    Dr. Roberto Cingolani, Scientific Director at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) in Genoa, Italy and his team have created a nanotechnological process that makes paper waterproof, magnetic, antibacterial without modifying any  basic properties of the paper. Meaning this isn’t some chemical monstrosity, it’s just still paper you can print and draw on, recycle or make a paper airplane.

Nanotech Scientist Creates Waterproof, Magnetic, Antibacterial Paper

Italy-based Science Director of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Dr Roberto Cingolani, and his team have discovered a way to make paper.

Tecnologia, Segurança e Design

Tecnologia, Segurança e Design

Rumor Tips New Apple Mac Pros This Month

Rumor Tips New Apple Mac Pros This Month

Apple Technician is the best Madrid Apple Mac repair centre providing apple technical support, Mac Pro Solutions, iPhone, iPad Repairs and Data Recovery services.

Cosas Que Hacer Cuando Internet Está Caído #Humor

Funny pictures about Things to do when the Internet is down. Oh, and cool pics about Things to do when the Internet is down. Also, Things to do when the Internet is down photos.

Флешка жесткий-диск.

7 Useful Geeky Gifts To Make Your Holiday Wish List