can't live without chicken!!!

can't live without chicken!

love grabber

With Valentine's day fast approaching I would like to suggest a rich, dense and tasty dessert for you to share with your beloved better h.

if you can't go to Italy...

if you can't go to Italy.

comforting winter treat

Pancakes and roses are the perfect combination for dull winter mornings that call for comfort food and some home beautification.

going green

Under penalty of being considered a braggers or cocky I'd venture to say that "caldo verde" is one of my expertises , regarding soups.

the fondest memories

There's no treat in the world that reminds me better of Christmas than my Aunt Fernanda's pumpkin "velhoses" , the best in the world , .

as good as it seems

This cake brings back sweet and tender memories of the birthdays when I was a ki.

Portuguese do it better! ;)

For years it was cooked ​​by my father in such a sublime way that even the neighbors came to ask him for season their meat.

you will be crying for more

you will be crying for