"Waves were pretty rough at the beach. News 13 came out there too. The break was coming all the way up to the sand dunes"

| just be easy, be open, be free with me. no secrets. trust. loyalty. why can't it just be that |

My biggest dream would be to travel all around the world. I love nature, art and maybe you. French girl, 21 years old

pournoirr: “Hobbies : long walks on the beach aka my boots r crusty as hell walk a mile in these louboutins also I smell like some sorta fish ”


Photo (Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men)

Can just see myself and Joy packed up for our dream road trip through Europe in a car like this!

Sky full of stars.

I hear the soundtrack I feel the earth I see the stars I hear you lovers and friend s. Camp outdoors hike friends nature wild life love live happy happiness sky vw van like a boho bohemian Bohemia gypsy hippie

Renee Hahnel is a photographer, storyteller and wanderer based between Australia and America. Her passion is capturing beautiful moments and sharing her wa

See Instagram photos and videos from Afonso Sousa (@afonsoosousaa)

See Instagram photos and videos from Afonso Sousa (@afonsoosousaa)