inspiration for style of watercolour portrait painting taking advantage of negative space nina by Florian NICOLLE, via Behance

Ruud van Empel

Ruud van Empel: Photoworks 1995-2010

Does anyone know who is the artist? I have another pin which is similar, but no artist's name was given. The name of the artist is Ruud van Empel, a Dutch photographer.

"Portrait of Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo," also known as Mona Lisa, painted . 1503. Se sabe que está pintada en el mismo taller de Leonardo y posiblemente de su mano. Museo del Prado

Gorgeous Images Of DaVinci's Last Masterpiece And Mona Lisa's Sister

Pippa McManus_beautifulbizarre_013

Australian fashion illustrator Pippa McManus' solo exhibition Gypset: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves currently showing at Friends of Leon Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney until 18 October.

Original Cat Painting for Sale : Fantasy Cats  "Two Merry Cats"

Original Cat Painting for Sale : Fantasy Cats "Two Merry Cats"

Mona Lisa con arete de perla.

This is the combination of Mona Lisa and The girl with the pearl earring, or the Dutch Mona Lisa . Mona Lisa with a pearl earring