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We specialise in designing, making and fitting of furniture for attic and under eaves cupboards to create bedrooms, dens and home offices. Under stairs cubp

small couch for bedroom sloped ceiling

Furniture, Small Couch For Bedroom Sloped Ceiling With Many Pictures On The Wall Some Cushions And Red Motif Rug: Small Bedroom Couches For .

Remodeling an attic is like adding space for free. Here are some design considerations to keep in mind.

For homeowners wishing to create added living space, all the choices center around headroom, headroom, headroom. Be sure to address these issues before proceeding with an attic renovation.

this is about how big my attic is, only enough room in the very middle to stand up.

When I was younger, the attic was reserved for storing Christmas presents, Halloween costumes and pink fiberglass. But these days attic apartments seem like the coolest thing on the block. Small, cozy and manageable, it’s the poor man’s penthouse.