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I had to pin this because of the overlapping and depth created by type. Created by Johan illustration on Behance Monstera Deliciosa Typography on Behance

Casey Schuurman is a Melbourne based Designer that specialises in Lettering and custom Typography.


The hand crafted-ness of this type and the way it looks like it has been stamped is what gives the logo a lot of its intrigue. I like the not quite perfect characters which i think add to this.

tumblr_mq6gzjK2Vi1rp14bjo1_500.jpg (500×707)

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i wish they had all the letters -- Carefully Arranged Flowers Form Enchanting Hand-Made Typography -

How cool is this typography by Zero and Alice Mourou? This alphabet is constructed all by hand using natural flowers and blossoms. Take a look, it’s pretty amazing! All images by Zero and Alice Mourou