Reikan -Ji kyoto, Japan, all developed countries are responsible 4 pollution and genocide now  NASA who contributed to get us sick  talks about it, I have been talking of this all my life go here 2 see how I got sick, go self-sufficient and organic 4 life,

Reikan-Ji Kyoto, Japan This is a Zen nunnery belonging to the Nanzenji School of the Rinzai Zen sect

Pasteis de Chaves

Puffs from Chaves me of my grandma from portugal she passed away thirty years ago.she was my biggest loss i had sooo much still to learn from her. I love you Ava.

New York

The way the Empire State Building, an apple, and a steam hole(?) are all combined into the word New York.

Ericeira Town Square - Travel in Portugal Photos

The town square in Ericeira. As with nearly every town in Portugal it is named Praca da Republica.

New York

Funny pictures about NYC goes from day to night in one frame. Oh, and cool pics about NYC goes from day to night in one frame. Also, NYC goes from day to night in one frame photos.

Folar de Chaves

Folar de Valpaços (Chaves) : Portuguese bread filled with ham, bacon and sausage

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