Adeus Sunny e Bo! #animais #pets #dogs #presidentialpets #sunnyandbo

She earlier shared a photograph with dogs Bo and Sunny, thanking fans for their birthday wishes and for allowing her 'the opportunity to serve'

Funcionária do ano! #animais #gatos

Felix has spent patrolling a West Yorkshire (UK) railway station catching mice & making friends, The Daily Mail reports he has been promoted to Senior Pest Controller & given a jacket & name tag for his dedication.

 A comitiva dos EUA no Rio 2016 numa campanha pela adopção :) #animais

“USA Olympic swimmers with puppies.this is the cutest thing I've ever seen 😭😭”

Que adorável :) #cats #books

Smile sticky memo notes bookmark tabs - cat by JSTORY. Cat bookmark tab will bring a smile to your face as they draw your attention to a page you have saved.

Uma mensagem para quem abandona os seus melhores amigos #animais #abandono #nãocompreadopte

Uma mensagem para quem abandona os seus melhores amigos #animais #abandono #nãocompreadopte

A mãezinha e o exemplo do cuspo #pessoasestranhas #paisefilhos #animais #cuspo #gosma

Funny Spitting Llama HD Wallpapers HD This HD wallpaper available up to 2560 x 1440 High Definition wallpaper, that look nice for almost all screen resolution of Mobile Wallpaper and Desktop Backgr…

Afinal os unicórnos existem! #animais #mar #oceano

Narwhal - magical, mystical creatures of the sea Found out about these at work and have been amazed since.

Uma vida é uma vida :') #animais #salvamento #gaivota

Uma vida é uma vida :') #animais #salvamento #gaivota

Uma praia para cães em Barcelona :) #cães #animais

Petition · Alex Costa: space on the beach for dogs and other nonhuman animals…

Vejam a alegria de Tuffy :)

Video Captures Bear Jumping For Joy After Being Rescued From a Bile Farm - Raised Vibrations

Café com biblioteca e gatos? Que bom!

Café com biblioteca e gatos? Que bom! :( a porcaria que o ser humano faz não tem limites!

A long fishing net and a piece of plastic from a car were among the debris recently found in stranded sperm whales.