Special Mango Pudding -Thai Style

Mango pudding is my kid’s favorite dessert. It’s the usual choice when it is in the restaurant’s menu. I like this recipe because it uses fresh mangoes

Special Mango Pudding -Thai Style

Double Mango Pudding:Prepare and chill pudding the night before. Whip the cream just before serving, and allow guests to dollop some on their own desserts. From Cooking Light

Special Mango Pudding -Thai Style

Sometimes you just want to kick back at home, enjoying your favorite tasty bites of dim sum away from the clatter of carts stacked high with steamer baskets. There are so many delicacies to choose from, but we pared things down to a collection of 16 favor

Afgan Girl- National Geographic

The picture is called The Afghan Girl. A picture shot by Steve McCurry, an American photojournalist. Steve McCurry took a picture of a 12 year old Afghan girl. Her picture became so famous that in National Geographic magazine printed it as their cover.

Onam in Kerala- India

Spend great time by celebrating Onam festival in Kerala