it feels good

type today & Feels good to get some stuff done by Mary Kate McDevitt. See type today & 365 details here.

Let´s make our office more creative/modern/hipster with this cheap and playful solution - blackboard paint.

Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Inspiration

Maybe a fun idea for the kid living room Voor onze studio Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt Hartholt van der Eems ! :) Inside the Studio: Behind the big red curtain at CBX NYC with Rick Barrack - The Dieline -

Look at the bright side

Inspirational Art "Look at the Bright Side" Typography Print Motivational Wall Decor Watercolor Poster Home Decor Quote Minimalist Geometric

Isn't this the truth.I know lots who'd rather look at the not so bright side and dwell there! Lifes too short

Just start

Noel Shiveley is a 22 year old letterer and designer based in Pasadena, CA, USA. He is focused on calligraphy, typography, graphic design and is always interested in collaborations.

5 Things To Try This Weekend

Always look on the bright side of life by Matthew Taylor Wilson. Makes me think of Monte Python.

Life is like a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance you must keep moving. And that is the truth, if you give up or let go off life you with be thrown off balance.

Typography & Nursery Rhymes by Steph Baxter, via Behance

Art Print - "Illustrated Nursery Rhyme: Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat" - Art Print / Typography / Hand Lettering Too cute. We sing this at the daycare.

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Be silly, be honest, be kind life quotes quotes quote life kind silly honest life sayings

Chalkboard backdrops

Chalkboard backdrops

Inspiration for our Ceremony Program cover quote - "the best things in life are meant to be shared" -Dana Tanamachi Chalkboard Design

Inspiring typography: A Journey of 1000 miles

Inspiring Typography Examples of the Week

A Journey of a thousand miles / Lao Tzo Quote / Typography by Jennifer Wick. I'm always fascinated on this kind of art that has creativity on a very inspirational word through simple graphics and typography. Travel and exploration will be my happy 2015 :)

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