Could not get enough of playing Pong I can remember seeing it first on Tomorrows World and it had me mesmerised.

The history of the Atari 2600

Our first home video game system with Pac man and Space Invaders

Imagem de construir o seu próprio Mini Gabinete Arcade com Raspberry Pi

Build Your Own Mini Arcade Cabinet With Raspberry Pi

The Porta-Pi Mini Arcade is a desktop-sized, fully functional, mini arcade cabinet measuring just under 13 x 9 x 10 inches (HxWxD). This Porta-Pi Arcade turns your Raspberry Pi in .

Make Your Own Arcade | Popular Science

With emulating software, an old PC and an empty game cabinet, you can recreate a classic arcade in your living room.

comic artist and ghost adventures enthusiast

Pixelated Nintendo consoles (home & handheld)

Uzicopter: 80s Inspiration by Signalnoise | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials

The Atari 2600 Video Computer System - Advertising Artwork

It will be done oh yes it will be done.

I've been wanting to build one for years and now I am starting the project. So I have been reading all about it online, of course, and now I have a shopping list of parts and an idea of how to proc.

I like the sketch effect in this image.

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Random 8-bit icons

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8-Bit Hello White Doormat greets in geek! #doormat #8bit #geek

8-Bit Hello White Doormat

Hello White Doormat greets in geek! But it will get dirty -__-

Polycade Puts 90 Arcade Classics Into a Single Contemporary Unit. !!!WANT!!!!

Polycade Puts 90 Arcade Classics Into a Single Contemporary Unit.

My custom arcade cabinet

My custom arcade cabinet


New York (USA) - ‘Pixel Pour‘ - 2008 by the artist Kelly Goeller of //kneeon, who is a New York based animation studio that creates unique visuals through an ever-changing mix of animation, live action, pixels, and fluorescence.

This would be so cool as a Valentine School Box

Cardboard Class with Estefi Machado

Cool DIY Kids Games and Activities Can Make With Cardboard Boxes

Vieillot, enfantin, triste, ordinnaire... Autant de qualificatifs qu'on a pu attribuer à cet élément déco. Et bien cette époque est...

This Pixelnotes wallpaper, by designer Duncan Wilson, consists of four layers of varying grey tones. Each layer is like a post-it note and every time you split a layer, the individual pixel gets darker. (Diy Wood Work Home Office)

DIY Working Cardboard Arcade Game -

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Let me play you the song of my people - Imgur

A new personal work! Anyone who owned (or had a friend who owned) the original Nintendo system knows how to play the cartridge blues! Play Me Those Old Cartridge Blues