A única palavra no mundo que expressa o seu real significado e que só existe na língua portuguesa." The only word in the world that express her own meaning and that has no possible traduction.

Porto. Portugal

Porto city, Portugal Travel to Porto in Portugal to enjoy the architecture and…

portugal... different portuguese costumes from different regions of Portugal.

diferent portuguese costumes from diferent regions of Portugal.

Portuguese Sweet Bread Recipe | Key Ingredient

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Portuguese Sweet Bread: King Arthur Flour // "This soft, sweet bread, subtly flavored with both lemon and vanilla, makes delicious toast (or French toast). Or enjoy it plain; it's so tasty, it doesn't (Baking Bread Sweet)

Azores Islands ... change the heart to Sao Miguel island! Love it

My Roots Collection Azores Children Inspire Design Move the heart to the east side of the island, for Praia, and this is perfect

... being Portuguese

We Mediterranean's are just high strung, the Wasps need to get over it, unlike them we're sexy and we know it!